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Root Galaxy Mega 5.8 Now!

Root GTI9152 or Galaxy Mega 5.8 Latest Working Method in 7 Steps!


Galaxy Mega 5.8 is a pretty large phone (Phablet) with pretty decent Memory and Processor (1.4 GHZ), its surely going to make your friends tell you “oh” that a huge phone in your hand!.

Android sure shot is a different ballgame if you are coming from an iOS world, you will be blown away by the sheer features and options that you have on the operating system. It would be like a Jail broken phone for iPhone users with much more features.  But the interesting part is you can tune your phone much more to remove the shackles that manufacturers produce these android devices with.

In android community this is called as “rooting” in general and android community and the official play store itself supports “rooting” with related Apps ( Contrary to Apple ecosystem where rooting(jailbreaking) is “strictly” not supported by the vendor).

So welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities as far as your gadget,its tweaking and everything else goes.

Now lets jump to the topic: Rooting an Galaxy Mega 5.8 (GTI9152) phone

There have been methods to port CWM or ClockWorkMod based recovery since last few weeks and it has been largely unsuccessful, Now we have a working method of rooting your Galaxy Mega 5.8 and you can do that in the following steps (Usual Disclaimer: This post is not responsible if you brick your phone due to this method, make sure you take all necessary backups)

Important: This methold may not install CWM recovery, which means as of now you cannot use custom ROM on your phone, we will have to wait for that, watch this space for updates

Thanks to oldmanhp who published this first on xdadevelopers : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2394448 read more there for user experiences, this blog will share my experience and how you can effectively install this root on your phone

First Step: Download the required file from here:


Second Step: Turn off your phone

Third Step:  Simultaneously press the keys: Vol Down + Home + Power Then press again the Volume up button to start the Download mode (Clearly see the instructions on your screen please)

Fourth Step: On your computer, run Odin tool in administrator mode –> Odin can be downloaded from here:


Fifth Step: Connect your phone to your computer via the USB cable

Sixth Step: Click on PDA and select the I9152-JB_4.2.2 boot.tar-file you downloaded from your computer.
(do not unzip it, use it as it is)

In Options: Check the cases that only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are checked
Seventh Step: Run the root procedure of clicking the Start button and wait a few moments.
Odin Screen
Let the process get over and your phone should display the GTI9152 logo and the Samsung Animation as usual, wait for a while until your phone reboots and if required press the home key to wake up your phone.
You are now Rooted!, you can install apps like Link2SD which allows you transfer the applications to SDCard, but in GTI9152 you will have to use Link option as there are some issues to use your SD card as the storage ( I have a sepearate article on this coming up shortly, so watch this space for that part.)

All the best, now you have a rooted GTI9152 phone, enjoy the unlimited possibilities that Android puts you in your hands.

Do share your opinion in comments if this has worked, again thanks to Xdadevelopers community for giving us freedom :).

– Ravisirsi